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Huaqiao Industrial Park, Dexing City, Jiangxi Province

Dexing Dechang Bamboo Technology Co., LTD. was established on March 1, 2017. It is a joint-stock enterprise, which was rebuilt from the original Dexing Bamboo Platen Factory. The company's main products are: bamboo fiber board, bamboo plywood, plywood, veneer board, whole bamboo container board and so on. The main product of the company -- bamboo composite container flooring is a new type of composite material manufacturing container and floor industrialization project approved by the state. Bamboo is an excellent environment-friendly material, which meets the international requirements of ecological and environmental protection, that is, resources can be recycled with high comprehensive utilization rate.




Professional, high quality

More than 20 years of bamboo sheet production experience, specializing in the production of a variety of bamboo sheet products.T

he product quality is excellent, and “Dechang” brand bamboo rubber board is well received by customers.

Keep up with the times

Keep close contact with Jiangxi Academy of Forestry, get instant information about bamboo products, and continuously improve product quality and performance.


Strong R&D team

It has successively developed bamboo flooring for the lower side of the train, the bamboo composite container bottom plate, the low-density high-strength container bamboo floor, and obtained a number of patents.







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    Good bamboo flooring


    When the decoration decided to lay the floor, many people would choose wooden floor in the past, but in fact, in addition to the wooden floor, there is also bamboo floor, which can also bring comfortable experience as the wood floor. Whether the bamboo floor is good or the wood floor is good? In the case of uncertainty about the difference between the two, people can pay more attention to these floor knowledge. 1、 Good bamboo flooring 1. From the aesthetic point of view, it is relatively simple. This is because the color of bamboo is green, or deep or light, but it is green, so the decoration of bamboo floor is weak, the color is relatively single, and it is difficult to adapt to the diverse decoration style. And the wood floor is made of different tree materials, the color is more diverse, the texture is unique, has better decoration. But the color difference of bamboo floor is relatively small, and the color difference of wood floor is larger. For users who don't like color difference, bamboo floor will be more suitable. 2. If compared from sustainability, bamboo flooring will be more durable. The growth cycle of bamboo is short, while the growth cycle of trees is long, especially for some valuable trees, whose growth cycle can reach hundreds of years. Bamboo takes only a few years to become timber, which is a natural resource for sustainable production. And the sustainable growth of solid wood floor is very difficult, basically is to use a tree less and less, more and more precious materials. 3. If from the price comparison, the market price of bamboo floor will be lower than wood floor. This is because the cost of bamboo floor is relatively low, and its production process is not so complex. Bamboo floor generally uses fast-growing miscellaneous wood as the base, and the surface layer is made of bamboo, which is sawn into small pieces and glued together. However, due to the use of a large number of adhesives in the processing of bamboo floor, which contains some harmful gas to human body, the environmental protection of bamboo floor will be worse than that of wood floor. 4. From the stability comparison, although the contraction and expansion coefficient of bamboo floor is small, it is easy to grow insects in humid environment. Once the bamboo floor is affected by the sun and humidity, it is easy to appear delamination phenomenon, which will affect the durability of bamboo floor and reduce its service life. 2、 What is the difference between the two 1. Bamboo floor Bamboo board splicing is made of adhesive and high temperature and pressure. The floor is non-toxic, firm and stable, does not deform, does not open glue. The difference between bamboo floor and wood floor is that after removing sugar, fat, starch fat, protein and other special harmless treatment, the bamboo has a super anti moth function. The six sides of the floor are sealed with high quality imported wear-resistant paint, flame retardant, wear-resistant and mildew proof. The difference between bamboo floor and wood floor is that the surface of the floor is smooth and soft, the geometric dimension is good and the quality is stable. Bamboo board is a high-grade decoration material for residence, hotel and office. Bamboo board has many characteristics. First of all, bamboo flooring is replaced by bamboo, which has the original characteristics of wood. In addition, in the process of bamboo processing, the use of high-quality glue in line with national standards can avoid the harm of formaldehyde and other substances to human body. Moreover, bamboo floor uses advanced equipment and technology, through the processing of 26 processes of raw bamboo, and has the natural beauty and ceramic floor of log floor The brick is strong and durable. 2. Wood flooring: Wood floor refers to the floor made of wood. The wood floor produced in China is mainly divided into six categories: solid wood composite floor, natural landscape Fengshui floor, solid wood floor, laminate floor, bamboo floor and cork floor. Solid wood floor is the ground decoration material formed by drying and processing natural wood. The difference between bamboo floor and wood floor is that it presents the natural log texture and color pattern, which gives people a natural, soft and affinity texture. At the same time, because of its warm winter and cool summer and good touch, it has become an ideal material for the floor decoration of bedrooms, living rooms and study rooms. Solid wood floor is the floor made of wood directly, which is the most traditional and ancient floor. Solid wood floor has the advantages of pollution-free, elegant, perceptual, natural pattern, real elasticity and so on. It is the preferred material for floor laying in home decoration. Bamboo floor or wood floor? This paper also gives a comprehensive introduction to the difference between the two. If there is a tangle between the wood floor and the bamboo floor, you can read the above content and then consider

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