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Bamboo veneer advantages and development prospects

Smallmakeupthinkbamboogluetemplateofdevelopmentinthefuturecanbeshowninthefollowingaspects: 1,resources:isakindofnanzhuthelongmaterial,andabundantbambooresourcesinChina,thedistributionofsurfaceiswide,r
Small make up think bamboo glue template of development in the future can be shown in the following aspects:
1, resources: is a kind of nanzhu the long material, and abundant bamboo resources in China, the distribution of surface is wide, relative to the timber growth is slow, lack of, is a good chance of development.
Aspects: 2, construction market construction in the recent years or face a broad space for development, as all are in towns and villages develop stage, especially the development of the western region, provides opportunities for development.
3, the government support: the development of bamboo veneer template can drive the bamboo production areas and the local rural economic development, as well as yixing ding strong bamboo industry, the bimodal can improve the local economy in the countryside, the jobs to local farmers, driving the development of local economy, vigorously promoted by the various government departments and support!