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Bamboo veneer price expensive or cheap good?

Bamboo veneer is the cheaper the better price? This problem, can only say that "you get what you pay for", if the bamboo veneer procurement is fairly low to quality requirement, some even use it once, do not need to be responsible for their customers.
, of course, there are a lot of users are asking quality must be good, bamboo veneer users care about most of the first is the quality of bamboo veneer, because the better the quality, the actual turnover, the more cost will be low, users can get will choose good quality bamboo veneer to purchase.
Why its production process is different, the raw materials used for bamboo filament and so on, so good quality bamboo veneer price will not low, 8 mm bamboo veneer price not less than 128 yuan, if the bamboo veneer, cheaper raw materials must also greatly shrunk, pressure can not reach, glue concentration can not reach, then purchase the bamboo veneer didn't have quality problems, then the latter or user, so you can't see light bamboo veneer is cheap.
If you need the amount of bamboo veneer particularly big, had better be personally on the factory inspection, the workshop, is the production of products, best can see not sealing side is not painting bamboo veneer, because through the side you can see bamboo veneer material and structure, observe its compactness on its bonding strength also to have certain base.