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Analysis: bamboo floor good or choose wood floor is good?

You go around a circle, building materials market nowadays, bamboo flooring has dominated the market place. Bamboo floor? The owner is bamboo floor of choose and buy good or choose wood floor is good? Entangled with tangle because don't know, because understand less, at the moment, don't at a loss, the following, we will give you analyze: decorating is bamboo floor of choose and buy good or choose wood floor is good.
In front of the bamboo floor of choose and buy you will have a general understanding on the floor in this paragraph. Bamboo floor consists of the following four main parts, the top is 3 oxidation 2 aluminium wear-resisting layer, the main protection of bamboo surface; The second layer is the bamboo floor surface, pressed by the original bamboo, retain the original bamboo texture; The third layer is the base material layer, generally made from bamboo or wood broken high pressure, low carbon environmental protection; The bottom is back balance layer, can effectively prevent the floor deformation and avoid corrosion of cement and tide.
First, the advantages of bamboo floor of choose and buy
1, the bamboo floor is more comfortable than the wood floor
On the use of comfort, bamboo floor and real wood floor is significantly better than the Jin Gangban, can be said to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Bamboo floor of choose and buy is mainly due to the wood and bamboo, and low thermal conductivity, let a person no matter in which season can comfortably barefoot walk on the above, the stone and ceramic tile is unable to compare.
2, bamboo floor than wood floor more environmentally friendly
In the long run, the development direction of the floor, bamboo flooring will be home outfit of bamboo growing significantly shorter than the trees, a few years can become useful, as a source of sustainable production. And the material of real wood floor is above 3, 40 years old virgin forest trees, sustainable growth difficult, basically is to use a tree a tree, less material is less and less, more and more precious. Bamboo floor will help to reduce the use amount of wood of choose and buy, in the aspect of using the earth's resources have great environmental protection function, real wood floor will be affected by resource constraints become very few luxuries.
Second, the shortcomings of bamboo floor of choose and buy
1, the bamboo floor of choose and buy than wood stability
Stability, bamboo floor contraction and expansion is smaller than real wood floor. But in the actual on the durability of bamboo floor faults is also evident, one is affected by the sun and wet easy appear statified phenomenon, and in the southern region, bamboo floor easily long moth, affect the service life of the floor. The bamboo floor of choose and buy, you also want to know something about, if you suggest choose real wood floor is in the south, if you don't want to consider this matter, also is only a reference.
2, bamboo floor is inferior to wooden floor color
From beautiful contrast, bamboo floor's own colour and lustre is relatively drab, bamboo floor of choose and buy is difficult to adapt to the diversification of decorate a style, floor of wood of trees according to its texture and different trees have different texture, more beautiful, so to speak.