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Leading enterprise of bamboo glue board

Specializing in the production of container floor and other bamboo glue board series products.



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Don't forget your original intention and move on.

Don'tforgetyouroriginalintentionandmoveon. In1999,wehavechangedtherainandspringbreezeandstrengthenedouroriginalintentionalltheway; Thegreatcauseof99yearshasneverforgottentheoriginalintention; Howmanyh
Don't forget your original intention and move on.
In 1999, we have changed the rain and spring breeze and strengthened our original intention all the way;
The great cause of 99 years has never forgotten the original intention;
How many heroes, how many exciting moments!
Red is the mark of the times and the spirit of the nation,
It's also the color of blood flowing in the body
We feel with you~