Set lofty aspirations and become a fighter

2020-05-14 16:14

——Written on the occasion of the centenary of the May Fourth Movement
The May Fourth Movement has laid the spiritual keynote for Chinese youth. Since the era of "a dark homeland like a rock in the wind and rain", generations of young people have made a perfect answer to their struggle for life
Define personal growth coordinates based on the development trajectory of the country, and integrate personal ideals into the great ideal of national rejuvenation. The ways of struggle are different, but the quality of struggle remains the same
  And 'struggle' is undoubtedly a high-frequency term among them.
  The road to rejuvenation is still long, and the struggle is just right. Promoting youth, dedicating oneself to the motherland, and moving forward towards our dreams, we can live up to our youth. Struggle should undoubtedly be the most beautiful color of youth.
The May Fourth Movement laid a spiritual tone for Chinese youth. From the era of 'dark hometown like a rock', students who joined the war of resistance, soldiers who fought against the United States and aid Korea, and defended their country, entrepreneurs who traveled extensively and struggled... Generation after generation of young people have delivered perfect answers to their lives through struggle. If the prime of life does not come again, it is difficult to wake up in the morning. "Everyone has only one youth, and no one should be a spectator of youth. In the "jointing and booting period" of life, at the age of the most open-minded, energetic, and energetic, if one does not learn more skills, do a career, and buckle the "first button" of life, it will only become a great regret. On the other hand, the achievements and setbacks of youth will become lifelong wealth for those who benefit from them. From this perspective, no struggle, no youth, and hard work are the most distinctive symbols of youth.
Struggle does not allow recklessness; With ideals, striving is the key to not getting lost. Each generation has its own youth, and each generation has its own ideals. A hundred years of time span, witnessed how many dreams have been pursued and fulfilled. For the country, from saving the nation from extinction to people's liberation, from comprehensive prosperity to great rejuvenation, the Chinese nation constantly refreshes its "target value"; Personally, the single choice of 'one path from ancient times' has become a thing of the past, and the various big ideals and small goals created by the information society are dazzling. The constantly advancing era provides space for young people to continue to move forward. The first secretary stationed in the village, athletes, research scholars, medical staff... They define their personal growth coordinates based on the development trajectory of the country, and integrate their personal ideals into the great ideal of national rejuvenation. The ways of struggle are different, but the quality of struggle remains the same.
Youth is not so much a physiological age as a state of mind. The May Fourth Medal for Chinese Youth awarded in recent years has shown us the struggles and youthful strength of the "80s" and "90s" generation; But in college classrooms, there are also many silver haired "onlookers" and "graduate students" who are writing furiously, and there are also many old artists on stage who are showcasing their passion. Are they not spokespersons of youth? Strugglers are always young. Strugglers of different ages and professions move towards each other, forming a vibrant and youthful China. Today, more than ever before in history, we are closer, more confident, and capable of achieving the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. During the critical period of climbing hills, crossing ridges, and climbing mountains with rolling stones, one must not slow down their pace, but especially continue to exert oneself to strive to solve the equation of development.  
Because we are about to devote ourselves to struggle, we are not afraid of the future; Because I have put in sweat, I don't sigh in the past. In the new era, everyone is at the right time and shoulders heavy responsibilities. Taking over the baton of history and making achievements with the spirit of youth and struggle, the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will become a reality.

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