The Importance of Bamboo Wood Mixed Board for Container Flooring

2019-08-20 10:04

There are many reasons why bamboo flooring is used for container flooring. Here, containers refer to standard sea freight containers or similar containers used for logistics carriages.
Most container floors use bamboo flooring instead of wooden flooring. Before explaining the reasons, let's first discuss the characteristics of container wooden flooring and bamboo flooring. Container wooden flooring is strictly produced according to advanced technology, using high-performance waterproof resin adhesive, adding special insect and preservative approved by Australian AQIS, and passing various indicators such as physical and mechanical strength and preservative content testing and certification, It has the characteristics of stable performance, high strength, and large elastic modulus. It can meet the needs of various ordinary and special dry cargo containers. Container bamboo flooring, also known as container bamboo wood composite flooring; In addition to the characteristics of wooden flooring, it has higher strength, greater compression resistance, and uniform physical properties. Its special protective film on the surface can prevent oil stains and dirt from seeping into bamboo and wood fibers, and is highly wear-resistant, waterproof, and acid resistant (laminated panel). And bamboo flooring has abundant resources, ensuring the sustainable development of the product.
After reading the characteristics of these two types of flooring, I think everyone should have an answer in their minds. Bamboo flooring is more durable and of better quality than wooden flooring. Generally, bamboo flooring can be used for many years, but most wooden flooring fails after more than a year. Of course, the price of bamboo flooring is slightly higher than that of wooden flooring. Many container manufacturers with high requirements almost use container bamboo flooring instead of wooden flooring, and they have long recognized the quality of bamboo flooring in their hearts. Do you know the importance of using bamboo flooring for container flooring now? If you are not very familiar with it, please follow our company.
Of course, in addition to understanding the importance of container bamboo flooring, everyone also needs to understand that where is such a high-quality container bamboo flooring? Those who have studied geography know that the Jiangxi area belongs to the subtropical region, which is particularly suitable for the growth of bamboo. Therefore, it is undeniable that the manufacturers of container bamboo flooring are concentrated in the Jiangxi area. If a certain northern manufacturer claims that they also have bamboo flooring, most of which are intermediaries or purchased and resold from Guangdong, please keep your eyes open.

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