12 tips for choosing bamboo flooring

2018-10-19 11:20

12 tips for choosing bamboo flooring
1. Except for antique bamboo flooring, the colors of other bamboo flooring should be uniform and common, allowing for subtle color differences that do not affect the decorative effect.
2. Compared to other bamboo fibers, authentic bamboo is stronger and more dense, with high compressive and bending strength, wear resistance, low moisture absorption, high density, good resistance, and low elasticity.
3. There should be no residual bamboo green or yellow on the bamboo strips. Residual bamboo green or yellow will affect the bonding between bamboo strips, and the bonding between bamboo strips should be tight and there should be no open space.
4. The bamboo floor with a symmetrical three-layer structure should have the same thickness and width of bamboo strips on the surface and bottom layers, and the surface and bottom layers should be symmetrical, so that the bamboo floor is not prone to warping and deformation.
5. When choosing bamboo flooring, emphasis should be placed on ensuring the quality of pest and mold prevention. Bamboo flooring that has not been soaked in strict insect and mold repellents, and steamed or charred at high temperatures must not be purchased.
6. The core layer of the bamboo floor should also be standard bamboo strips without any impurities, and should not contain miscellaneous bamboo strips, wood chips, or other debris. Otherwise, not only the bonding strength is poor, but the strength of the bamboo floor itself will also be poor.
7. The formaldehyde release of the bamboo floor after formaldehyde free coating should reach E1 level. When smelling the bamboo floor with your nose, you cannot feel any harmful odor. If you feel it affects your eyes and throat, the formaldehyde release may be relatively high.
8. Is it necessary to apply six sided paint on the bamboo floor because it is a green natural product with fine pores on the surface, which may cause deformation due to moisture absorption? Therefore, the surrounding area, bottom, and exterior are all sealed with paint. Normal bending will not affect the quality of use, and can be automatically leveled during installation.
9. High temperature and high pressure bonding skills: Bamboo flooring is made by high temperature and high pressure bonding. There are strict process and testing standards for high temperature, high pressure, and bonding. Some manufacturers and self-employed individuals in the market are subject to restrictions on craftsmanship or local machinery, and the adhesive cannot be guaranteed, resulting in cracking and opening of the adhesive.
10. The bamboo flooring with a good appearance is made of imported spray paint, which is formed by ultraviolet light and has functions such as anti-static, non dust absorption, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance. Therefore, the exterior texture and quality of the flooring paint are several times stronger than those of other thermal drying polyurethane and polyester coating. Bamboo flooring has the characteristics of beautiful color, elasticity, moisture resistance, strong hardness, warm winter and cool summer, etc. Compared with wooden flooring, it has its special advantages.
11. For most consumers, it is difficult to distinguish the quality of bamboo flooring from its appearance based on the manufacturer and service comparison. Moreover, the quality of unqualified bamboo flooring is only gradually exposed in use. So when buying flooring, it depends on the strength of the manufacturer, because only bamboo flooring produced by manufacturers with strong technical skills, testing methods, and high mechanization can ensure quality.
12. The control of moisture content varies from place to place due to differences in humidity, and the specifications for selecting bamboo flooring moisture content also vary. It is important to pay attention to the adaptability of moisture content to local conditions.

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