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Container Bamboo Floor

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The container bamboo composite baseboard is a good subititue of the container hardwood baseboard,has good property to meet requirements for container floor,and reduce the consumption of wood to protect the environment.This product is awarded several patents and passed French BV certification.
▲ Advantage of Container Bamboo Composite Baseboard:
▲ Physical and Chemical Index and Test Result of Container Bamboo Composite Baseboard:
1、This product adopts production technology of lamination for top and bottom boards.The surface is oil resistance with good pollution resistance property and convenient to wash,and the bottom does not need to be varnished as it is laminated;
2、This product has good compressive property,it does not split nor deform after repeat crush test of car with a load of 7260kg;it can be drilled and countersunk;
3、This product can adapt to different weather conditions;
4、This product is mothproof:meet the Australian quarantine requirements,the retention of RADALEUMFHP-60 in board ≥0.026%(m/m).
▲ Low-density and High-intensity Container Bamboo Floor:
45' and 53' low-density and high-intensity container bamboo floor are our new products developed on the basis of container bamboo composite baseboard,used to replace container baseboard made of expensive import oak and birch.This product is featured in low density,high intensity and good property with each physical property exceeding the index for container floor,density <0.8,longitudinal MOE>10000MPa,MOR>90MPa and bearing 7.26-9T car crush test.
▲ Physical and Chemical Index and Test Result of Low-density and High-intensity Container Bamboo Floor:
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